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Spine Procedures

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Minimally Invasive-Spine-Surgery

    Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is the latest technology available to perform spinal surgeries through small...

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  • Intracept® Procedure For Chronic Low Back Pain


    Intracept is a minimally invasive procedure developed by Relievant to treat chronic low back pain by targeting...

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  • Motion Preservation Surgery


    Motion preservation surgery or Motion Preservation Spine Surgery (MPSS) is a relatively new surgical method...

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  • Robotic Spine Surgery


    Robotic spine surgery is a procedure where your surgeon is assisted by a robotic system to perform surgery to the spine.

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  • Cervical Laminectomy


    A cervical laminectomy is an operative procedure that involves the removal of bone at the neck (cervical spine)...

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  • Minimally Invasive Cervical Discectomy


    Minimally invasive cervical discectomy involves a small incision(s) and minimal muscle dilation to separate the muscle...

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  • Lumbar Microdiscectomy


    Microdiscectomy is a surgical procedure employed to relieve the pressure over the spinal cord and/or nerve roots...

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  • Lumbar Fusion


    Lumbar fusion surgery may be performed to treat spondylolisthesis (slipping of the spine bones), degenerated discs...

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  • Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement

    Lumbar Artificial-Disc-Replacement

    Lumbar artificial disc replacement is a surgical procedure employed to remove and replace a damaged or worn...

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  • Lumbar Decompression


    Lumbar decompression is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure over the compressed nerves in the lower spine (lumbar region).

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  • Kyphoplasty & Vertebroplasty

    Kyphoplasty and-Vertebroplasty

    Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performed under general or local anesthesia.

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  • Lumbar Interbody Fusion

    Lumbar-Interbody Fusion

    Lumbar interbody fusion (LIF) surgery is a surgical technique that involves the removal of a damaged intervertebral disc...

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  • Revision Spinal Surgery


    Revision spine surgery is surgery performed in certain patients to correct the problems of earlier spine surgery.

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  • Spinal Decompression


    Spinal decompression is a treatment to relieve pressure on one or many “pinched nerves” in the spinal column.

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  • Scoliosis Surgery


    Scoliosis surgery is major surgery. It is performed under general anesthesia and may require several hours to complete.

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  • Scoliosis Treatment


    Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine giving the spine an “S” or “C” shape.

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  • Spine Deformity Surgery


    Spine deformity can be defined as abnormality in the shape, curvature, and flexibility of the spine.

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  • Lower Back Pain Surgery

    Lower-Back-Pain Surgery

    Lower back pain can be disabling; however, most cases heal with time (2-12 weeks) and with conservative therapy.

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  • Neck Surgery


    Neck surgery is a surgical procedure employed for the treatment of neck pain when conservative measures such as physical...

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  • Thoracic Discectomy


    The herniated disc protrudes into the hollow tube of the spinal column called the spinal canal and directly pushes...

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  • Thoracic Facetectomy


    Thoracic facetectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove one or both joints to decompress and restore function in the nerves.

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  • Thoracic Laminectomy


    Thoracic laminectomy is a decompression surgery that releases pressure off the compressed nerve or spinal cord by removing...

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  • Thoracic Spine Trauma Surgery

    Thoracic-Spine Trauma-Surgery

    Thoracic spine trauma surgery is a procedure performed to treat spinal injuries caused by trauma at the thoracic (upper back) region.

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  • Spine Surgery in Athletes

    Spine-Surgery in Athletes

    Spine surgery is performed with the intention of returning the athlete to their sports activity at the earliest.

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  • Spinal Tumor Surgery


    A spinal tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue surrounding or found within your spinal cord and/or spinal column.

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  • Complex Spinal Reconstruction

    Complex Spinal-Reconstruction

    Complex spinal reconstruction is a major surgical procedure to correct spine deformities and associated symptoms such as pain...

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  • Posterior Cervical Decompression

    Posterior Cervical-Decompression

    Posterior cervical decompression is a surgical procedure performed through the back of the neck to relieve pressure...

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  • Thoracic Corpectomy


    Thoracic corpectomy is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure on a nerve at the thoracic region...

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  • Facet Injections


    The facet joints are the tiny joints situated at the upper and lower part of each vertebra, connecting one vertebra to the other.

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  • Degenerative Spine Surgery

    Degenerative-Spine Surgery

    Degenerative spine surgery includes surgical procedures to treat degenerative spine conditions such as disc disease...

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  • Spine Osteotomy


    Spine osteotomy is a surgical procedure in which a section of the spinal bone is cut and removed to allow for correction of spinal malalignment.

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  • Spinal Infection Decompression


    Spinal infections are characterized by back or neck pain, depending on the site of the infection, which gradually...

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  • Complex Spine Surgery


    Complex spine surgery is a procedure that involves six or more vertebrae of the spinal column, requiring six...

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  • Spine Injections


    Spine injection is a non-surgical treatment modality recommended for the treatment of chronic back pain.

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  • Cervical Foraminotomy


    Cervical foraminotomy is a surgical procedure performed to relieve the symptoms of a pinched or compressed...

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  • Cervical Spine Fusion


    Cervical spine fusion is a surgery performed to fuse weak cervical vertebrae with adjacent vertebrae...

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  • Posterior Cervical Fusion

    Posterior-Cervical Fusion

    Posterior cervical fusion (PCF), a surgical procedure performed through the back of the neck, involves joining or fusing...

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  • Minimally Invasive Discectomy & Decompression

    Minimally-Invasive-Discectomy & Decompression

    Minimally invasive discectomy and decompression surgery are usually performed under general anesthesia.

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  • Thoracic Spine Fusion


    Thoracic spine fusion is a surgical procedure in which two or more bones (vertebrae) of the thoracic spine are joined together...

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  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression

    Minimally-Invasive-Lumbar Decompression

    Minimally invasive lumbar decompression or mild® is a procedure developed by Vertos Medical to treat...

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  • Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion

    Minimally Invasive-Lumbar-Fusion

    A minimally invasive lumbar fusion technique is used to treat fractured vertebra, lumbar instability, spine deformities...

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  • Adult Scoliosis Correction

    Adult-Scoliosis Correction

    Adult scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine giving the spine an “S” or “C” shape in a skeletally mature person.

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  • Anterior & Posterior Scoliosis Surgery

    Anterior-& Posterior-Scoliosis Surgery

    Anterior-posterior approach is also called front and back spinal surgery. This approach is usually recommended...

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  • Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement

    Artificial-Cervical Disc-Replacement

    The cervical spine is located in the neck region and consists of seven bones arranged one on top of the other.

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  • Computer-Assisted Spine Surgery

    Motion Preservation-Surgery

    Computer-assisted spine surgery is an instrument tracking technology in which the surgical instruments are viewed...

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  • Spinal Nerve Blocks

    Spinal-Nerve Blocks

    A spinal nerve block is the injection of an anesthetic and steroid medication around the spinal nerve root to diagnose or treat pain.

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  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for Spondylolisthesis

    Minimally Invasive-Spine Surgery-for-Spondylolisthesis

    Spondylolisthesis is a condition of the spine characterized by the forward displacement of a vertebra over an underlying vertebra.

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  • Thoracic Facet Joint Injection

    Thoracic-Facet Joint Injection

    Thoracic facet joint injections are indicated when conservative treatments for back pain such as anti-inflammatory medications...

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  • Lumbar Discectomy


    A lumbar discectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat a herniated or ruptured disc and relieve pressure on the spinal nerves.

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